Robert Perkins

Robert works from his own ISDN studio fully equipped to professional voice over standards. He is also available on Source Connect, Clean Feed or for studio sessions.

Robert is an actor and voice over artist, based in the UK, who has appeared in many well known television shows and has worked extensively in theatre and film.

He has been the voice for, British Airways, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Sky, Blue Planet, Classic FM, Selco, Llloyds, Marks and Spencers and many other famous brands and companies.

His voice over work also includes documentaries, cartoons, video games, audiobooks, corporate documents, announcements and messages.

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  • voice over for british airways.
  • voice overs for citroen.
  • voice overs for classic fm.
  • voice overs for sky.
  • voice overs for heineken.
  • voice overs for audi.
  • voice overs for bbc.